Fabric Matters
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Fabric Matters

How often have you seen an item of clothing, or more importantly, active or swimwear, and actually stopped to think about the fabric used to make it? Very often, our eye is caught by a bold print or funky design and we blindly buy that new cozzie or those gorgeous new tights, thinking how good they will look when we team them up with something we already have in our closets. And lets be honest, the less it hurts the bank the better.

Fashion designer Vivienne Westwood tells us to, “Buy less, choose well”, but how do we apply that to our choices when it comes to activewear? What should we be looking for when in the market for new swimwear? Swimsuits and workout gear need to work harder than most pieces for a place in our closets. They need to look good and function impeccably in order for us to adopt Vivienne’s approach.

Part of the reason we choose Me and the Sea over other brands is that we know that there has been a lot of thought put into the fabrics they choose and the designs of the garments they make. In fact, their promise is to “choose only superior quality fabrics with the relevant certifications in place for the required function of every garment”.

So what exactly is it that they are looking for in the fabrics they choose? Their fabrics are “highly breathable, moisture wicking, fast drying, chlorine resistant and UPF 50+”. 

That means their fabric choices are based on if it allows hot air to escape, whether or not it resists moisture, if it dries quickly, if is it chlorine resistant or will the colours fade and the fabric start to wear thin from chlorine damage and for us on The Island, an important one, does it have UV protection?

But that is not all; they check that the fabric will function well as a finished garment. Every single style is tested on land and in water by professionals – surfers, swimmers, yogis – as well as by Me and the Sea owner, Christelle, herself. Their collections are all multifunctional in that they can be used both on land and in the water.

They employ intense attention to detail in itch-free labels, good lining and great cup support. Affordability is also a major factor for the brand, making sure that while their products are high-end, their price tag is attainable for all.

Me and The Sea ticks all the boxes and we can safely say that they would be a “Vivienne Westwood” kind of choice for your next swimsuit or workout garment. Pop over to our online store to browse our range of Me and the Sea designs and prints.