Meet the maker: Me and the Sea
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Meet the maker: Me and the Sea

We love Me and the Sea. And when I say “love”, I mean LOVE. Their active swimwear is not only perfect for women, it is made as sustainably as possible and is UV resistant, providing protection for our beautiful, feminine skin.

But, the reason we love (LOVE) “Me and the Sea” started before we loved their swimwear. It started when we saw how much love and passion Christelle, the founder and owner of the brand, put into conceptualizing garments that would be perfect for all women, regardless of shape or size, regardless of whether they are “active” or not. She took our desires and brought them to life by creating swimwear for US. Everyday gals, gals looking to swim for enjoyment, gals who are pro athletes, gals who surf or gals who sit in the shallows and sip cocktails.

When she created her brand, it was with US in mind. Her love for inspiring women to be themselves, to live their best lives, to be women who say “yes”, coupled with a deep love for the ocean, was Christelle’s “yes” moment and boy are we glad she had it!

Browse our online store and be wowed by the beautiful fabrics Christelle uses on each of her costumes. Her promise is to only use fabrics of the highest quality, fabrics that are “highly breathable, moisture wicking, fast drying, chlorine resistant and UPF 50+”.

Christelle has also included kiddies in her range, because these little girls will grow into women. Women who will have different body shapes, different passions, different “yes” moments, but who will be women just the same. Her latest “Lotus Summer Set” is made from recycled plastic and if that is not something to get excited about, especially on this gorgeous island we call home, then I don’t know what is.

Me and the Sea” is not just another swimwear brand. It is the dream of someone who loved enough to do, and we are privileged and proud to have them on board at Melulah.