Melulah – meaning pure life

What started as a childhood nickname grew into a dream and is now one of the first ever, online marketplaces offering fashion and lifestyle items on the sunny island of Mauritius.

Originally from South Africa, Melulah began in 2018 as a pop up shop at markets, where co-owner, Melani, was forced to think of a name for her shop very quickly and  her childhood nickname, “Melulah” sprung to mind. Melulah means “pure life” and this is exactly what Melani hoped to inspire in people through her products, living a joyfully vibrant life.

Fast forward to 2020 and after a big move to Mauritius, Mel met another Mel who, coincidentally, was wearing a pair of unique earrings by Mel’s favourite jeweller, AyalaBar. The two instantly hit it off and very soon realized their shared vision for inspiring women to feel comfortable in their own skin, empowered as individuals and inspired to live joyfully vibrant lives. Thus, was born.

“Our vision is to create a collaborative, online marketplace for small businesses that is client focused, user friendly and a seamless shopping experience with integrity. Buyers must be able to trust the process and enjoy the experience at the same time. It is not for mass market items but rather curated, boutique style gems.”

Melulah sells both locally made and imported pieces of beauty. The two Mels believe that Melulah can add value to someone’s life with products people will love and treasure.